Footnote: “Feminists” are ironically disempowering…

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“There are certain women’s lib[b?]ers (feminists) who have an attitude that is ironically disempowering of women in general. They think that everything is all the fault of men.”

Sir Moose


10 thoughts on “Footnote: “Feminists” are ironically disempowering…

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  4. Please don’t get me wrong… I do not consider myself a feminist… I have seen how this movement has only served to debase women & people in general…. however, your footnote here, about feminists thinking that everything is the fault of men, caused me to wonder about the world in its state of near perpetual wars, lowered standards of living, etc:

    Who is currently running the majority of governments? Who are in charge of the majority of the corporations that pollute the environment & then blame the individual for their carbon footprint? Who are the 2% that control 98% of the wealth? Who invented the english language that is disempowering to females (ex. “history” & “heritage”) and is full of negative root words like war, ill, ick, mar? Who made & profited from all those princess animated features that put women into a role of victimhood, making them subconsciously expect a rescue that never comes? Who are the majority of advertisers who market sex to sell products? What gender were/are these people?

    There is an issue of man’s historic hatred of women that provoked feminism into being, & all any of this has done is further divide the populations against themselves, allowing the predators to come in & parasitically control the majority of both men & women alike.

    The system pits gender against gender, race against race, religion against religion, nations against nations. Divide & conquer is the rule, and anyone who tries to stop it gets discredited by scandal, or killed, or both.

    I do not hate men, although some men may think I do. I just can’t avoid the fact that men are the ones profiting the most from other people’s suffering in this world. That is not to say that women aren’t involved in this set up, but the majority of profiteers are male.

    I hope I didn’t offend you here, but you did request some thoughts, &, at the risk of making some people mad at me, I couldn’t help myself.


    • Feminism is, in short, the belief in equality for both sexes. But some feminists (and I do consider myself to be one) have warped this idea beyond all recognition. Feminism is NOT the hatred of men. And while you do make a good point, I just want to have you consider this: Yeah, men fuck shit up. But seeing as very few women are in positions of power, have we really been given the opportunity to fuck shit up yet? Men and women are all simply human and while men have created a lot of problems in our world, it could simply be due to the fact that women haven’t yet been given the opportunity to cause problems.

      I am not saying that if women were given power we would fuck everything up. Certainly, being a historically marginalized people has given us some sense of compassion for our fellow humans. But no human is perfect. Women are no better than men, but they are EQUAL and that’s something I think modern feminism, and the world at large, needs to relearn.

      • I am definitely not saying that women are any better than men, for sure… but what I do feel is that men have that ritual trauma routinely performed on their root chakra as soon as they come into this world, which warps their minds sooner, & a little bit worse, than how they warp women’s minds (over a longer duration)…

        Women are just not treated as equal in the workplace, in families, in language… it does a number on the psyche… we are programmed with those stupid princess movies, making most females, in western culture at least (which has reached its tentacles all over the world now), the exact stereotype many of us cannot stand, the high-maintenance, shoe obsessed, “catty” princess.

        Perhaps a flood is in order… Then start it all over, with no trauma at birth (like circumcision or baby theft), then we’ll see if women would screw it up…
        “All things being equal” is a phrase I often think of, but it just isn’t true & it hasn’t been the case for centuries, at least.

        If humanity hadn’t already been tainted with all this trauma & inequality, it might have a shot at a egalitarian society. Both males & females are categorized in this world as “opposites”… like every other divide & conquer mechanism, it polarizes us & pits us against one another.

        I do agree with you though… modern feminism does need to relearn… Being a feminist in the 1980s & early 90s, I seriously bought into the abortion thing, believing it was a woman’s right to choose….oh how I was mistaken!

        • but….but….it is…a woman’s right…to choose….

          I don’t know so much about a flood taking out the entire world. Humans have, by some miracle of god, survived for this long, so we may as well see ourselves through to the end.

          • It may indeed be a woman’s right to choose… but I have had the experience & I can honestly say it causes me horrible guilt & sadness. More women should know this…

    • You, like most of the 3rd wave feminists I have met, are exactly the kind of person whom this quote refers to. Your entire post reeks of a victimization complex. This is what 3rd wave feminism teaches: that women are oppressed victims. It is analogous to a less-favoured child that never learned to get over their parents preference and instead focus on making something of their own damn life (which ironically has a tendency to make their parents respect them even less). Look at how activism works: a bunch of professional victims piss and moan to a mostly male government, and maybe the men, if they’re listening, will consider making changes to suit them. They’re so wrapped up in their victims old complexes that they can’t be bothered to consider the vast opportunities they’ve been given compared to women of the past or in poorer nations. It’s a pathetic way to get things done and NOT a way that garners respect from anyone other than the weak-minded.

      We should be taking an attitude of empowering women instead of disempowering them. Women HAVE the ability to start their own businesses, take part in government, etc. USE IT. I know many strong women with an attitude of “fuck the haters. If I have to work twice as hard as a man to accomplish my goals, the so what? I don’t care.” I respect that attitude. That is what an empowered attitude looks like. That is the attitude of a woman who is respected as an equal, in stark contrast to the perception of SJWs as mewling shrews.

      I do not support a culture of factional infighting that glorifies weakness and oppression. I do support a culture that promotes empowerment and cooperation. Our present incarnation of feminism only leads to the former.

    • There aren’t rich women living in mansions, inheriting and making huge fortunes off the back of exploited labor. Just because it’s men that do most of the fighting doesn’t exactly mean all women are anti war. Women have never been totally powerless, they have been pretty involved in everything that’s gone on, good and bad. This feminist trope that women are just the hapless uninvolved victims of a mans history is “ironically disempowering”.

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