Fine, You Want to Guest Blog

Copied and pasted (mostly) from Alms, Alms for the Blogger :

Big Blogger of Knowledge and Sir Moose would like to extend a scintillatingly hot invitation to you, fellow blogger of knowledge, to guest post on this site. In addition, so as not to come off as the creep handing out candy in the park, I would be delighted to whore myself out and write a guest post for you as well – if you’ll have me. (Of course you will.)

I sincerely look forward to sharing in mutual whoredom with you. Together we can cure AIDs, eradicate illiteracy, and find out once and for all how many licks it takes to get to the center of a goddamn Tootsie Pop. In conclusion, it’ll be a bucket of fun.

Leave a comment here or on any of my posts or e-mail me at

With unironic love,

BBK and Sir Moose III, Esq. PhD. ADHD.

4 thoughts on “Fine, You Want to Guest Blog

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