Fine, You Want to Know More About Us

All right, since you clicked the link, apparently you want to know more – or are just killing time reading mindless drivel. Regardless, here we are.

The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know is a blog (fucking obviously) run by a guy and a gal who have important, world-changing shit to say. We are a borderline ADHD world traveler (Sir Moose III, Esq. PhD. ADHD.) and a borderline manic-depressive college student (BBK), respectively, so listen up. We may not have the answers to everything – or much at all – but we like sharing and exchanging ideas. Where better to do so than the cesspool that is the Internet?

Most posts will be written under the name Big Blogger of Knowledge (BBK), a username we share because the male half of this blog is too lazy to make his own freakin’ account. It’ll be easy to tell who writes what. Posts written with an excess of verbiage and seriousness is written by the male counterpart. The posts written in more stream-of-consciousness style with a healthy sense of humor (mainly sarcasm) are written by the lovely female blogger. (Guess who wrote up this blurb?)

Also, the lovely female blogger runs a blog of her own called Stressing Out College. Brilliant, hilarious stuff. *hooray for shameless self-promotion*

Get back to exploring the blog and as always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts on anything we post here or on anything you’d want to chat about.

Peace out, 

BBK and Sir Moose (AKA The People Who Know Shit)

37 thoughts on “Fine, You Want to Know More About Us

  1. Dear BBK and Sir Moose! I love your blog (you probably know :P), and I have nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award AND the Liebster Award for being as fantisctic as you! If you would like to participate in this, please see my post

    If you don’t want to participate or if you already have one, just enjoy the fact that I think your blog is awesome 🙂 Enjoy the glory 😀

  2. Dear BBK and Sir Moose,
    I have just been introduced to your very insightful and informative blog. I feel forever grateful. Just one question: Why all the profanity? Does that help get your message across more effectively? Is it a symptom of your various psychological disorders? (that’s actually three questions, and here is another…) Why the preponderance of “shit”-related words? I prefer “fuck”-based words myself. I think they tell a more compelling story.
    With Love,

    • I think you hit the nail on the head with some sort of psychological disorder, primarily Lettinoffsteamia 😉 Haha, but I like that you like the fuck-based words. That’s too harsh for even us over her at The Big Blog – only for special occasions, for the effect. Thanks for visiting.

  3. O.k BBK or Sir. Moose, I don´t give a shit who am I talking too, I do know this shit, I like the shit that you is posted in this blog.

    That was a lot of s..t words in the same sentence…………I have issues.

  4. There’s a term used for those of us who know shit-tons of — well… shit: Renaissance Men.
    (and by ‘men’ I mean ‘human beings’, as per the original Old English meaning of the word….)
    Thanks for the follow, by the way.

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  11. Hey! Stumbled across your thing here. Well done! This place is alright… you’ll be appearing in my list of things that I should read when you publish things to read, and in the interim the 2 people who look at my shit blog will be offered the opportunity to click on an avatar that will bring them here. How jazzy is that?

  12. And here I thought I was the all singing all dancing crap of the world…. Love the site don’t stop.

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