Update: Cheating with an “Update” Post

Hey, it’s me, BBK. I’m just dropping in for my semi-irregular “I’m not dead” update. It’s so that I can feel good about posting without actually posting anything of consequence (as if my posts are anything but consequential).

And I make no promises, but I may or may not be posting more in the near or distant future.

There, happy? A post no one wanted.

Thanks, Obama.



P.S. Oh, and some weirdo nominated us for more award stuff. Call up the strippers and birthday cake boys. We’ll be posting about it soon (or not).

P.P.S. And for some substance – as well as for¬†the sake of cute Internet animals – here’s a picture of Moose torturing a guinea pig.

Moose and White Guinea Pig | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

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