Reblog: Guest Post: The 5 Stages of Grief (or “Learning That You Suck at Ukulele”)

A bit of light writing over at Swirls of Truth about how I came to accept that I’m an instrumental failure. Thanks for the guest post opportunity, LividFrost. She’s taking on the Post-a-Day Challenge this year, so send her your support by checking her out (appropriately, folks).

Swirls of Truth

Hi,  Swirls of Truth readers. My name’s BBK and I’m an alcoholic. (Not really. But kind of.) Anyway, I hail all the way from The Big Blog of All the Shit I Knowa brilliant and sexy blog that will give you mind orgasms for days. (Not really. But kind of.) Without further bullshitting, here’s my gift to LividFrost and you, her intellectually gorgeous readers. Cheers.

Playing an instrument is an indication that you are a cultivated, intelligent, marvelous specimen of a human being. Enough said. Because of this, it is reasonable to believe that merely picking up an instrument automatically makes someone a cultivated, intelligent, marvelous specimen of a human being.  Post hoc ergo what a bunch of crap.

Infallible logic in mind, I picked up ukulele a few months ago: Oh, what a great travel instrument, I thought. Shouldn’t be much harder than guitar – easier, actually.

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