Spreading Crazy Smiles… Or Just Spreading the Crazy [An Awards Post]

Yet another misguided soul has bestowed upon me some blog love and I’m too lazy to think up a meaty post. So here we go again, folks.

spreadincrazysmiles over at From One Crazy Life To Another has shouted at me and given me an award for some reason. Let’s see. Apparently, she’s fallen for my “I’m extremely intelligent” and “my posts are awesome” shtick. Well. Good for her. But I am jealous of her tagline “spreading the craziness, one smile at a time” and may or may not be plotting a hostile takeover of her blog (jk, jk…) 

Keep Calm and Blog On Award | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

So let’s continue with the giving of the mad props. According to spreadincrazysmiles, alls I needs to do is recommend 7 to 10 blogs. Easy enough. The only thing better than spreading craziness is spreading love – good god, did I just write that… Anywho, from one crazy life to another, here are 7 blogs that I nominate for the Keep Calm and Blog On Shout Out Award:

1. Heart of a Lunatic: In one post, this self-monikered “lunatic” described himself as valuing his heart over his mind. This is apparent in his writings – but what makes them even better is how present his mind is nonetheless. His free writing style is a definite plus. Recommended reading: “Fuck the Consequences”

2.  The Mumble On: A progressive, open-minded Christian. More than happy to help spread his gospel of good sense and interesting opinions. Pretty damn okay by my [good] book. Recommended reading: “In which this isn’t just about women”

3. A Listophile’s Haven: 1) I have a thing for lists. 2) This blog is almost nothing but lists. 3) And these lists are funny as shit. 4) She also blogs at Wanton Creation. Recommended reading: “Special Towel Day Edition: My top 10 Douglas Adams quotes”

4. The Boozy Barista: All you need to know is in the title. This blog involves coffee, booze, and often times both in the same concoction. I have yet to try making any of the drinks, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. I mean damn – the pictures on the site give me a helluva thirst. If only I wasn’t so lazy… Recommended reading: “Apfelkuchen”

5. Zealous Scripts: Tiana Lopez runs this hearty endeavor of a blog and her mission seems to be to share her love of reading and writing. In addition, she seeks to bring readers and writers together through her work and features a writer every week in her Spotlight. Lovely, lovely idea. And I don’t often read poetry, but for whatever it’s worth  her work actually appealed to me. Recommended reading: “The Forgotten”

6. Desmond the Wolf: Poetry and Diatribes for the Tribe: Okay, okay, I know I just said I don’t read much poetry, but Desmond the Wolf was also an exception. His poetry is raw and deliciously uncensored. And best of all, they aren’t horribly convoluted for the sake of art and “deepness.” And I just love his tagline. He had me completely at “tribe.” Recommended reading: “Advice from someone who shouldn’t give advice”

7. Professional Moron: … Follow the blog. Just do it. Don’t think too hard about the posts. Just laugh. And then let the deceptive moronism slowly overwhelm your brain. Recommended reading: “Apocalypse Scenarios We’d Heartily Embrace!”

There are a gazillion fantastic, interesting, captivating, hilarious, intelligent, wacky, [insert complimentary adjective of choice] blogs out there, but I cannot read and/or recommend all of them. So once again, thanks spreadincrazysmiles for the shout out. It’s always an awesome feeling to know that not all my ramblings are completely shelved in a dark, dusty nook of the vast interwebs. All I can do is pass around the blogging love and encourage you to do the same.



Rainbow Gatherings: Rediscovering the Tribe

If your summer plans do not include schmoozing in a national forest with a bunch of dirty hippies, then your summer is not complete, because you know that’s where we’re going! Woodstock didn’t simply begin and end in the summer of 1969. It spawned a generation of people disenchanted by modern society and created the Rainbow Family of Living Light. I know it sounds like nothing more than woo-woo New Age crap, so bear with me. This might pique your interest (if not, nothing gained, nothing lost).

Rainbow Gathering "Welcome Home" | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

Every year, since 1972, thousands of people come together and basically party in the woods for a month. Rainbow Gatherings take place in a different national forest every year, as chosen by a Spring Council every mid-June. Once the site is picked, setup begins. The Council consists of anyone who wants to participate and for the most part – with the exception of the Montana site – no national forest is picked twice.

At first, these gatherings seem like an excuse for a few thousand homeless hippies to come together and recklessly do whatever the hell they want in the woods. While it is a celebration, these hippies are far more conscious than often given credit for. Marijuana is prevalent, of course. Hard drugs are present, but not common. Alcohol is frowned upon, but not explicitly forbidden. The alcoholics are allowed their own area, “A-Camp”, away from the main gathering, so as to reduce violent confrontations.

Rainbow Gathering Main Circle | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

And while it might sound hypocritical for a bunch of supposedly environmentally-minded people to go tramping about and destroying forest land for a month, I can tell you from experience that these people really are extremely conscious of their impact. All the shelters are made of material found in the woods and by the end of celebrations on July 5th, clean-up begins immediately. The clean-up crews are almost bizarrely meticulous. They scour the landscape in search of the smallest scraps of debris that do not belong. Of course, they cannot find every single scrap and there have been accounts of leftovers being found later. But once the Family vacates the premises, the forest looks no worse for wear.

I could go on and on and on about Rainbow Gatherings. But I’m going to conclude this with the following:

Rainbow Gatherings get a lot of bad publicity for the unethical stuff done by a minority of the folks who attend. Every clutch has their bad eggs and unfortunately, bad news spreads like wildfire, while good news travels slow. As a raging introvert raised in suburbia, I’ve felt more comfortable around these crazy hippy-dippy folks than I’ve ever felt in my life. If you’re free anytime from mid-June to July 4th, I suggest you drop by – even for just a day. The 2014 Gathering is taking place in Uinta National Forest (you can find directions here). Maybe you’ll see us there.



[Edit: And when we get back, I promise to write more in detail about the Rainbow experience.]

If you want a pretty good idea of what a Gathering looks like, go to this “rainbowgathering” tag on Flickriver. Awesome images.

Update: A is for April Alphabet Month (In Which the Blogger Goes a Little Crazy)

If you follow my other blog Stressing Out Collegeyou likely know that I would sooner duct tape myself naked to a cactus in the middle of an Arizona summer than make resolutions for myself. So here is where I hand you the duct tape and a map of Arizona and humbly ask for your assistance.

About a year ago, I started following A blog post a day keeps the crazy away, in which the blogger Jayemb90 made something of a resolution to blog every day, kicking off with the self-explanatory A-Z Challenge. And while she only made it to the letter J, her blog still serves as the kindling for the resolution suggestion I am about to prescribe myself.

For the month of April, I will do my darnedest to run through the entire alphabet, which will mean almost posting once a day. April only has 30 days, so I’ll only have 4 days of leeway for this challenge. The reason why I am announcing this is because I most sincerely from the deepest depths of my large, cavernous heart would love to have you, the sexy readers and writers of knowledge, hold me accountable for following through with this challenge.

[insert methods to hold me accountable]

I want you to be brutal – completely, adoringly brutal with me. I cannot give you my best without you expecting the best from me. So help kick this resolution in its prickly cactus ass and let’s do this shit!



[Insert Creative Award Post Title Here]: I’m Not Cynical Enough

What has the Internet come to?

To think that societal truisms and cheap jabs at Scientology are enough to get fellow bloggers Sophia Hudson and LividFrost to think you’re “lovely” and “versatile,” respectively. Bloggette Comrades, I think you should get your heads checked (but thank you kindly anyway). 

Liebster Award Rules

Liebster Award |The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.
  • Nominees must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers that have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions.
  • When you are nominated you cannot nominate the person that nominated you.
  • After choosing your nominees, drop them a comment/pingback telling them that you have nominated them.

Versatile Blogger Award Rules

Versatile Blogger Award | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
  • Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  • Post seven things about yourself.

Since I’m more for guidelines rather than rules – out of principle, not laziness, of course – I’ll choose 10 bloggers, answer the questions, post questions of my own, and spill 5 things about myself. All rebellions begin small, you see. Nominees can snatch up either award (or both) – I don’t mind. Just pass on the love.

In no conscious order, the nominees are…

Sophia Hudson’s Not-so-FAQs

1. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Your mother. (I’m sorry. It couldn’t be helped (your mother, I mean).)

2. What is your best quality?

My saccharine charm.

3. Describe your best friend and what makes you so close.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Unless he’s in a drunken stupor, he’s always always watching out for me.

4. What do you believe happens after death?

I will be reincarnated as a glorious meatball. If I’m good, I’ll be draped in extra acidic tomato sauce.

5. What’s your “type” (if you have one)?


6. What was the last thing you cried about?


7. What was the last thing that made you smile?


8. Describe your home.

Suspicious question.

9. What’s your dream job?

Independent bookstore owner.

1o. How old were you when you had your first kiss (if you’ve had it yet, I haven’t!)?

I don’t kiss and tell.

11. What is one thing you would never, ever do?

Write a blog award post.

Questions for You (I’d love to hear everyone’s answers in the comments, too, even if you weren’t “officially nominated”)

1. What talent do you wish you had (that you don’t already have)?

2. Are you prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse?

3. Worst book you’ve ever read?

4. If you could smack one person in the face (living or dead), who would it be and why?

5. Will you go out with me? Yes/No (Circle one)

5 Things You Didn’t Want to Know About BBK (and Sir Moose, but we won’t tell you which ones)

1. I’ve circumnavigated the world and been on four continents.

2. One of my favorite books is The Stranger by Albert Camus.

3. I have ovaries.

4. I sincerely dream of saving the world – or saving humanity from its own destruction at the very least.

5. I have always been insecure about my intelligence and my identity in our society and try to make up for it in sarcasm/arrogance/distance. I am truly soft in the middle. My favorite pastime is laughing at stupid people.

Once again, a special thanks to Sophia Hudson and LividFrost for the ego boost. To my fellow bloggers of knowledge and the rest of you reading this, feel free to pick up an award or two. Thank you all and keep on keeping on.