Update: Getting Tired of this “Update” Shit Yet?

It’s 2015. Moose and BBK are not dead (yet). And we got a jonesing for posting for the moment.

The following is a list of our excuses for abandoning the blog this time:

  • We are, as they are called, “lazy mofos”
  • In August, Moose and BBK moved into their first place together with another couple
  • In September, BBK returned to school and, with Moose, started selling Monty Python greeting (or farewell) cards on Etsy
  • By the end of October, other couple and Team Moose/BBK waged war on each other
    • (Midterms happened)
  • By December, other couple announced they are moving out
    • (Finals happened)
  • Over Christmas, BBK tricked Moose’s family into thinking she’s a wonderful human being
  • The past two weeks, BBK has entered the winter academic quarter, Moose has been panhandling a shitload of rent/grocery/gas money, we’ve been interviewing couples to take over the other couple’s lease
  • Oh, and we might be getting a cat
Moose Winter Break | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

Moose looking on during our winter break sojourn to the in-laws

Anything past “lazy mofos” is pretty much white noise. But for the time being, we are back and raring to jump back into reading blogs, posting blogs, and sharing our mental ticklings with y’all until our next slump.

So we’ll leave you with this gem of an article for your enjoyment:


(No commentary is needed.) 

Cheers, and tell us how you’ve been because we’ve missed you (like, a lot),

Moose and BBK

Update: To Be Continued…

By the time this has been posted, Moose and BBK will be on their way to Utah for the national Rainbow Gathering. We might  schedule a few posts to be published while we’re miles away from WiFi or cellular reception. So don’t worry too much. Your occasional dose of knowledge won’t be long.

We mainly wanted to post this update as an explanation of why we likely aren’t replying to your comments. (Because it’s either that or we hate you – just kidding, we love you all equally, even the stupid ones).

So we’re more likely than not not trying to ignore you. We’re just having too much goddamn fun hanging out with hippies.

BBK and Moose


Spreading Crazy Smiles… Or Just Spreading the Crazy [An Awards Post]

Yet another misguided soul has bestowed upon me some blog love and I’m too lazy to think up a meaty post. So here we go again, folks.

spreadincrazysmiles over at From One Crazy Life To Another has shouted at me and given me an award for some reason. Let’s see. Apparently, she’s fallen for my “I’m extremely intelligent” and “my posts are awesome” shtick. Well. Good for her. But I am jealous of her tagline “spreading the craziness, one smile at a time” and may or may not be plotting a hostile takeover of her blog (jk, jk…) 

Keep Calm and Blog On Award | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

So let’s continue with the giving of the mad props. According to spreadincrazysmiles, alls I needs to do is recommend 7 to 10 blogs. Easy enough. The only thing better than spreading craziness is spreading love – good god, did I just write that… Anywho, from one crazy life to another, here are 7 blogs that I nominate for the Keep Calm and Blog On Shout Out Award:

1. Heart of a Lunatic: In one post, this self-monikered “lunatic” described himself as valuing his heart over his mind. This is apparent in his writings – but what makes them even better is how present his mind is nonetheless. His free writing style is a definite plus. Recommended reading: “Fuck the Consequences”

2.  The Mumble On: A progressive, open-minded Christian. More than happy to help spread his gospel of good sense and interesting opinions. Pretty damn okay by my [good] book. Recommended reading: “In which this isn’t just about women”

3. A Listophile’s Haven: 1) I have a thing for lists. 2) This blog is almost nothing but lists. 3) And these lists are funny as shit. 4) She also blogs at Wanton Creation. Recommended reading: “Special Towel Day Edition: My top 10 Douglas Adams quotes”

4. The Boozy Barista: All you need to know is in the title. This blog involves coffee, booze, and often times both in the same concoction. I have yet to try making any of the drinks, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. I mean damn – the pictures on the site give me a helluva thirst. If only I wasn’t so lazy… Recommended reading: “Apfelkuchen”

5. Zealous Scripts: Tiana Lopez runs this hearty endeavor of a blog and her mission seems to be to share her love of reading and writing. In addition, she seeks to bring readers and writers together through her work and features a writer every week in her Spotlight. Lovely, lovely idea. And I don’t often read poetry, but for whatever it’s worth  her work actually appealed to me. Recommended reading: “The Forgotten”

6. Desmond the Wolf: Poetry and Diatribes for the Tribe: Okay, okay, I know I just said I don’t read much poetry, but Desmond the Wolf was also an exception. His poetry is raw and deliciously uncensored. And best of all, they aren’t horribly convoluted for the sake of art and “deepness.” And I just love his tagline. He had me completely at “tribe.” Recommended reading: “Advice from someone who shouldn’t give advice”

7. Professional Moron: … Follow the blog. Just do it. Don’t think too hard about the posts. Just laugh. And then let the deceptive moronism slowly overwhelm your brain. Recommended reading: “Apocalypse Scenarios We’d Heartily Embrace!”

There are a gazillion fantastic, interesting, captivating, hilarious, intelligent, wacky, [insert complimentary adjective of choice] blogs out there, but I cannot read and/or recommend all of them. So once again, thanks spreadincrazysmiles for the shout out. It’s always an awesome feeling to know that not all my ramblings are completely shelved in a dark, dusty nook of the vast interwebs. All I can do is pass around the blogging love and encourage you to do the same.



Update: Jumping Past the A-Z Challenge (Because it’s My Birthday)

As you can see I, the Big Blogger of Knowledge, failed the April A-Z Challenge.

No matter. Failure is character and blogging challenges are no more serious than New Years resolutions. And here at The BBoAtSIK [I think we need a better acronym] we don’t uphold strict conventionalism anyway. Plus, we’re lazy. So let’s turn this into the Aprilish A-Z Whenever-I-Post-I-Post… Thingy. 

Coming up with catchy names is not my forte. Where’s Moose?…

This is a throwaway post. I am now 10 letters into the Aprilish A-Z Whenever-I-Post-I-Post Thingy (AAZWIPIPT). 

Fuck witty acronyms. I’m tired.

Until I finish this Thingy, I’ll be pasting this to the bottom of each post to track my progress (or lack thereof):


As always, thank you all for reading – for whatever reason, you crazies – and I hope you’re all doing fan-fucking-tastically on this whatever day it is for you. If not, I’d love to hear about it anyways.

Oh, and *nudge nudge* it really is my birthday.