Announcement: We’re Going to Disneyland! (not)

Hello one and all,

BBK here with a much overdue update to the site. And, sadly, this will likely be my final update to this site. A messy side-love-project, The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know ended up not inspiring me enough to keep me updating. Recently, as a lot has happened since we’ve last had a squishy, moist heart to heart, I’ve been getting that blogging itch that most of us know salaciously intimately – this leads to the good news!

With bigger projects in the works (shhhh, it’s a secret), I’ve decided to devote my time to another blog: The Lonely Tribalist. It’s an idea Sir Moose and I have been brewing for a while and I feel it will be a great step up in quality and authenticity from TBBoAtSIK (as well as my first orphaned blog, Stressing Out College).

So I want to say thanks to everyone – all 5 of you – who have read and commented on this silly blog. I’d love to hear from you again over at The Lonely Tribalist. Gonna’ explore what it means to be alone on a planet of 7 billion other peeps – how we’re all tribes of one. And how to cope with it. I promise* it’s going to be a helluva lot of fun.

BBK (& Sir Moose)

*fingers crossed

Update: Getting Tired of this “Update” Shit Yet?

It’s 2015. Moose and BBK are not dead (yet). And we got a jonesing for posting for the moment.

The following is a list of our excuses for abandoning the blog this time:

  • We are, as they are called, “lazy mofos”
  • In August, Moose and BBK moved into their first place together with another couple
  • In September, BBK returned to school and, with Moose, started selling Monty Python greeting (or farewell) cards on Etsy
  • By the end of October, other couple and Team Moose/BBK waged war on each other
    • (Midterms happened)
  • By December, other couple announced they are moving out
    • (Finals happened)
  • Over Christmas, BBK tricked Moose’s family into thinking she’s a wonderful human being
  • The past two weeks, BBK has entered the winter academic quarter, Moose has been panhandling a shitload of rent/grocery/gas money, we’ve been interviewing couples to take over the other couple’s lease
  • Oh, and we might be getting a cat
Moose Winter Break | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

Moose looking on during our winter break sojourn to the in-laws

Anything past “lazy mofos” is pretty much white noise. But for the time being, we are back and raring to jump back into reading blogs, posting blogs, and sharing our mental ticklings with y’all until our next slump.

So we’ll leave you with this gem of an article for your enjoyment:


(No commentary is needed.) 

Cheers, and tell us how you’ve been because we’ve missed you (like, a lot),

Moose and BBK

Update: Cheating with an “Update” Post

Hey, it’s me, BBK. I’m just dropping in for my semi-irregular “I’m not dead” update. It’s so that I can feel good about posting without actually posting anything of consequence (as if my posts are anything but consequential).

And I make no promises, but I may or may not be posting more in the near or distant future.

There, happy? A post no one wanted.

Thanks, Obama.



P.S. Oh, and some weirdo nominated us for more award stuff. Call up the strippers and birthday cake boys. We’ll be posting about it soon (or not).

P.P.S. And for some substance – as well as for the sake of cute Internet animals – here’s a picture of Moose torturing a guinea pig.

Moose and White Guinea Pig | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

Update: Thanks for All the Fish, Guest Bloggers!

No, I won’t be riding off into space on a dolphin, but I would like to thank the recent guest bloggers for contributing their intelligence and creativity to the humble corner of the interwebs that is The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know. 

For a recap, here are their guest posts along with a link to their respective sites:

Again, thank you, guest bloggers. And if anyone is ever interested in writing something for TBBOATSIK, feel free to send me an e-mail or comment on a post here. I’d love to have your shit on my blog (and to heartily, aromatically return the favor). 

New post tomorrow, fellow bloggers of knowledge.



Update: Where the Hell is All the Content?

I could say that I’ve had a lot on my plate – in between apartment hunting, returning to work, and catching up on episodes of Parks and Rec. But the real reason I’ve been neglecting you guys is because I’ve been lazy.

I was remiss in my duties, but now I’m back, so the world can return to rightness again.

This upcoming week, we have a modest smorgasbord of guest posts, who will defibrillate this blog back to life and spread some knowledge across those fine toasty brains of yours.

Metaphors are hard.


BBK & Moose