Announcement: We’re Going to Disneyland! (not)

Hello one and all,

BBK here with a much overdue update to the site. And, sadly, this will likely be my final update to this site. A messy side-love-project, The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know ended up not inspiring me enough to keep me updating. Recently, as a lot has happened since we’ve last had a squishy, moist heart to heart, I’ve been getting that blogging itch that most of us know salaciously intimately – this leads to the good news!

With bigger projects in the works (shhhh, it’s a secret), I’ve decided to devote my time to another blog: The Lonely Tribalist. It’s an idea Sir Moose and I have been brewing for a while and I feel it will be a great step up in quality and authenticity from TBBoAtSIK (as well as my first orphaned blog, Stressing Out College).

So I want to say thanks to everyone – all 5 of you – who have read and commented on this silly blog. I’d love to hear from you again over at The Lonely Tribalist. Gonna’ explore what it means to be alone on a planet of 7 billion other peeps – how we’re all tribes of one. And how to cope with it. I promise* it’s going to be a helluva lot of fun.

BBK (& Sir Moose)

*fingers crossed