Guest Post: Five Important Life Lessons

The simple lessons of life can be easy to forget, so here’s an uplifting reminder from today’s guest blogger Daphne Holmes about some of the important things in life. 

Modern living pulls us from one thing to the next, sometimes making it difficult to reflect on the lessons we learn along the way.  But experience leads us to valuable conclusions, so it is important to slow down and absorb the deeper understanding taken away from life’s important moments. As wisdom and experience accumulate, we grow better-prepared for life’s challenges, using the lessons we’ve learned to help guide us through life.

Enlightenment and wisdom come in many forms, enriching our lives in personal ways.  But despite the individual nature of learning life’s lessons, we share common ground, linked by some of the same universal truths.  As you contemplate life’s meaning and your role in the grand scheme of things, consider the following lessons, taken from everyday life.

There is Hope beyond Failure

Regardless of how badly you falter, life continues around you.  And though it seems straightforward, our tendency is to lose hope in the face of defeat, rather than mobilizing positive feelings.  The first major blunders you orchestrate are likely to have catastrophic impacts on your confidence and self-esteem, but once you’ve recovered from a few of life’s challenging moments, it becomes easier to cope with negative outcomes.

Time heals many wounds, as life continues and new concerns take the place of missteps you’ve made.  The healthiest approach to life is learning early-on that you are not capable of slowing the hands of time, so your failures can be taken in stride. Just as success is fleeting, so is failure, furnishing valuable lessons you can lean-on in the future.

Relationships Evolve

Though time marches forward, we strive to preserve wonderful moments in time, resisting change when we find comfort.  Relationships have lives of their own, however, so they naturally evolve as members grow and change.  Friendships, for example, come and go throughout our lifetimes, even if it is simply losing and regaining contact with the same group of friends.  They can’t be forced, and friendships require maintenance and active participation in order to prevail.  Even with ample nurturing, however, dynamics change between individuals, altering the way friendships and family relationships unfold.

We are all Fighting Similar Battles

Each individual has his or her own approach, but in the end, we are all striving for similar comforts.  And though there are strong arguments and justifications for certain behaviors, none of us knows any better than the other what our true function is on earth.  As a result, there is room for diversity in the way we handle life’s demands, which are similar for most of us.  Experience widens our frame of reference; highlighting the common ground many of us share. The sooner we recognize our shared plight, the faster we understand the value of empathy and social responsibility.

You define Your own Perspective

Measuring success is up to each one of us, because we define the playing field and assign the metrics for measuring accomplishments.  Our perception drives us in our own lives and helps us understand others.  And while some of your feelings and perceptions are innate, more often than not you’ll be in control of your own views.  Shaping your perception helps keep you focused on the positive aspects of your life, which fuels achievement and strengthens your resolve against adversity.

There are no Guarantees

Here today, gone tomorrow best sums-up our existence, so acknowledging the fleeting nature of life yields valuable lessons. Health, prosperity, even loved ones can be lost in an instant, so learning there are no guarantees prepares you for life’s unexpected twists and turns.  It keeps you humble, knowing fortunes change quickly, and inspires you to make the most of each day offered.

Life experiences shape us by illustrating important lessons, which in turn help us navigate subsequent chapters of our lives. And although self-discovery is an individual affair, many of us take away some of the same life lessons.  These examples illustrate the common ground we share, and underscore how wisdom and enlightenment shape our perspective.


Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from and you can reach her at


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