Lesson Quickie: Quirky Philosophizing

Why are all classes on philosophy – at least all introductory classes – about the history of philosophy? Does a philosopher-in-the-making need to know what Socrates, Kant, Aquinas, etc thought? While the history of philosophy can be a very interesting topic, what if a budding philosopher wants to learn how to – here’s a crazy idea – come up with a philosophy of his/her own? What a freak show. A great deal of public education kills curiosity rather than satisfies or (egads) fosters it. Why is philosophy such a separate field of study?

Philosophy is a search for truth. It is a way of looking and going about the world. Christianity is a philosophy. Veganism is a philosophy. Science is a philosophy. Your life is a philosophy.

Deep Thought | The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

Quickie Wrap-up:

All thinking is philosophizing.

Living is philosophizing.



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