Like, Solar Freakin’ Roadways, Bro!

I love this project and will admit, the energy of the video made me smile. Solar freakin’ roadways, man. However, I do have reservations about this idea.

What I mainly fear is that instead of “solar freakin’ roadways” becoming part of a new paradigm of sustainability and life, it will be just another pat-on-the-back environmentalist trick like recycling. Simply: is this progress or is this yet another desperate attempt at pumping the brakes on our own downfall?

Food for thought.

Anyway, despite my hesitance, I’m more or less behind this incredible project. They received funding from the US Federal Highway Administration for researching and building prototypes and their crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogoas of the publishing of this post, has surpassed their goal of $1 million. Because SOLAR FREAKIN’ ROADWAYS.

What do you think? For or against? How successful (or not) do you see this being? 


7 thoughts on “Like, Solar Freakin’ Roadways, Bro!

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  2. Its a fantastic theory, but here is where the theory fails. That will take decades to complete across the country. Think about the sheer amount of concrete in this country. Not only that, but the dollar amount is astronomical, and considering our deficit I personally believe we should be focusing our money into other things at the moment.

    • The ‘deficit’ has been created by our ruling overlord governments..
      We can still push this technology into a worth-while fruition, but we’ll just have to do so with our own money. Vote with our dollars and stop paying for the existence of mega energy corporations who are THE main source of the man-made degradation of our planet. Not us plebs.
      My only reservation with the solar roadways is the fact that the US Federal Highway Administration is funding this project. It makes me feel that they’re trying to bend it into a more malicious intent than the likely beneficial intent of its inventors.
      Which is why we should also be supporting things that we KNOW will never be supported by the Elites, like the QEG (quantum electric generator), or any of Keshe’s work.


      • The deficit has been created by helping other countries instead of our own that’s drowning, going after other countries for problems that are none of our concern, and a multitude of other reasons. If the United States were to stay in involved with things that only concerned the United States, we wouldn’t have the problem we do now.

        If we were to start creating and using things we made instead of paying taxes to import from countries such as China, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion because it would be irrelevant. We’d have the funds and the time. However, we don’t. My idea, shut down the border. If you’re in, you get a green card, if you aren’t, tough luck. Stop importing from other countries and make our own things here. Stop drilling for oil in the middle east and use what we have here, we have more than enough. Focusing on education, and less on wars. I could go on and on but I won’t waste your time. The US Federal Highway Administration is the only source big enough to fund this project at the moment and it’s still not enough. You have to realize how many TRILLIONS, not just billions of dollars this is going to cost. We don’t have that kind of money and we won’t for a while.

        • No worries. This type of conversation needs to be had anyway — instead of just hopping into it without considering all the up’s and down’s of the thing being undertaken.
          I agree with your analysis of the situation overall. I’m one of those libertarian/anarchist sort of freaky people who feel that in order to reduce the level of corruption we see in our present governing bodies, they must be reduced as much as possible or even eliminated if need be. That being said, I agree with your posed solutions of closing the border and producing instead of importing. Being libertarian-minded and all myself…
          And besides, there are things like the QEGs and Keshe technologies I mentioned, that are already ready for consumer use. We don’t need to rely solely on solar roadways for our renewable energy needs.
          Just my thoughts on the matter. I may be wrong on any number of them.

          • You aren’t wrong for your thoughts, but they could use a little fine tuning 🙂 All of our thoughts could, that’s how theories are formed. No theory is ever perfect, just a continuous work in progress.

            Government is corrupt, it always has been and will continue to be. Power makes even the most humble man turn towards greed and selfish desires. Hence why I turned away from my career in Criminal Justice and turned towards the medical field. Power will never be eliminated, therefore corruption will never be eliminated. It can however be controlled if the American public would do its duty and keep the powers balanced. The judicial, executive and legislative branches are all supposed to balance each other out, and if they don’t the American people should stand up and require it. But we don’t, why? Lack of education, laziness and ignorance to the issues themselves are the top three.

            If we used the things we already had ready, once again this wouldn’t even need to be spoken about. As you said, the QEG’s, have been worked on for decades. Finished products have been produced in the 2000’s, and it’s 2014 and we’re waiting for???? that right there is the problem.

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