B: Breaking Bad, Finally

Better late than never, eh?

This weekend, I finally got around to watching that show that no one would shut up about several months ago (and the five years before that). Yesterday, I finished the first season and snuck in a couple episodes of the second season in just before 2 AM.

Christ, I have totally been missing out.

Breaking Bad is a show for nerds – much more so than The Big Bang Theory, which has us laughing at the nerds more than with them. If one of the dorks on Big Bang Theory strutted around town in a fedora and called himself “Heisenberg,” the laugh track would roar and we’d hardly hesitate to ridicule the character. Breaking Bad really makes being a nerd badass again.

And it connects to that depth of humanity that Dexter (up to season 5) touched on in his conflicts with his Dark Passenger. Having been suppressed all his life and with nothing to lose, Walt discovers a dark passenger of his own. He discovers his manhood in a trial by fire. Without fear of death anymore, he’s free to unleash the animal within. Is that what it takes now for us to rediscover our true natural selves? Impending death?

It shouldn’t, but it is how it is – for the time being.

Society, bitch.


4 thoughts on “B: Breaking Bad, Finally

  1. Breaking bad? A show for nerds? You really don’t know any nerds, do you? Breaking bad is a massively overrated show watched by people who think they’re clever and think watching breaking bad makes them even more clever. It’s painfully dull and the main excuse most fans use for it is that it’s about a man’s descent from good into evil but Walter White is an evil man from the very beginning. People like you piss me off.

  2. …and I haven’t be able to get past ep2…in yrs. Gee, I must be the anti-nerd. Then again, I only got around to finally watching all episodes of Alias this year. Now I’m off to the library to ruin the next Breakin Bad attempt. Woe is me. Be good.

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