A: The Anniversary of The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know

No candlelit dinner or special card necessary, just help us take a look at what the hell we’ve been up to this past year on The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know.

Moose and I decided to create this blog because we felt we had lots of shit to say and that the world would be a hell of a lot better place because of our ideas. So far, it’s only turned out to be half true. The world is still pretty shit, but at least we’re having some fun. We’re two weeks into the A-Z Challenge and if you know your alphabet as well as your math, you’ll see that we’re more or less way the fuck behind schedule. Because of our laziness, we’ll be picking up the pace and shooting for two posts a day for the rest of April to reach our goal of making it through the alphabet this month with 26 posts.

Excuse us while we make a strong drink.

Here’s an onanistic list of the top 10 most popular posts from our first year shooting the shit on the interwebs.

1. About The People Who Know Shitfirstly, people have wanted to know more about the sexy individuals behind this genius blog.

2. [Insert Creative Award Post Title Here]: I’m Not Cynical Enough: some lovely ladies thought the blog was cool and then I tell you some crap about myself that you never wanted to know.

3. The Opposite of Happiness: in which we re-frame happiness and sadness for you

4. Lesson Quickie: The Platinum Rulebecause with the “golden rule,” you might still just be an asshole

5. Rain Man: Western Philosopher?: was the father of Hedonism autistic?

6. Desperate Boredom: Visiting the Church of Scientology (Part 3): all hail Xenu.

7. “In Good We Trust”: when you take out the guilt and eternal damnation, religion ain’t all that bad.

8. Good Job, You’re A Failure: getting a trophy for showing up is too mainstream, dude.

9. Lesson Quickie: Equality vs Equity: an Einstein quote, some definitions, and an Animal Farm reference.

10. Laws are Fucking Useless (Almost): did you know fellatio and cunnilingus are illegal in Oregon?

Whether you’ve followed me from the beginning or you’ve just subscribed, thank you for reading. Cheers to another year of bloggin’ knowledge.


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