Update: Introducing Sir Moose

I have been slacking. You folks deserve an update.

If you didn’t already know, this blog is the brain baby of two people, BBK and Moose. I am BBK. Moose (or Sir Moose, as he prefers to be known) is my flighty partner. He uses the interwebs sporadically, so it is my job to actually post on the blog. On occasion, he will send me a quote or idea – and if he’s feeling particularly ambitious, a whole rough draft of a post – to stick on this site, but I’m the one doing most of the work here. And I’m the smart one. And the gorgeous one.

Just thought I’d clear that up. Fair’s fair. This is what happens when only one person in a “team” is in charge of the actual legwork.

Minor side jabbing aside…

About a month ago, around the time I posted the call for guest bloggers, Moose returned from an oh, so painful sojourn in Hawaii and we’ve been causing intellectual mayhem (read: philosophizing, shooting the shit, in various Starbucks shops) ever since we’ve reunited. Because of that, and the fact that I go to school and work part time, I have been woefully negligent of this blog. Never fear, your dear BBK is back-

-until I lose my inspiration, get caught up in the outside world, and/or get kidnapped by the mafia again.

See you around (or not),



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