Alms, Alms for the Blogger

Whore: n. An individual who performs inhuman acts for spare change. v. To write a blog post at the expense of one’s soul.

Irreverent humor aside, let’s cut to the chase.

Big Blogger of Knowledge would like to extend a lukewarm invitation to you, fellow blogger of knowledge, to guest post on this site. In addition, so as not to come off as the creep handing out candy in the park, I would be delighted to whore myself out and write a guest post for you as well – if you’ll have me. Of course you will.

I sincerely look forward to sharing in mutual whoredom with you. Together we can spread the word, save the world, cure AIDS, rid humanity of gross overestimations, etc. And all in all, it’ll be a bucket of fun. Leave a comment here or on any of my posts or e-mail me at

With love,



13 thoughts on “Alms, Alms for the Blogger

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    • I have various ideas, but haven’t decided on one yet, as I’d like to see how much interest there is first. What I am leaning towards are simply opinion articles, especially observations about life, culture, society, and the like. And increasing traffic is one of the reasons for writing guest posts, yes.

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