It’s About Sending a Message…

Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, and bourgeoisie,

The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know is currently going through a transitory period. We’re hitting puberty, folks, so expect our voice to crack a bit and don’t be alarmed by the strange stains here and there.

As some of you know, I have another blog that I tend to focus on and in addition, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, which is why posts and updates have been infrequent as of late. But we shall prevail and The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know will begin to flourish once more. [I keep switching pronouns; I must be having an identity crisis.]

What we want to do is save the world. While we don’t have superpowers, billions of dollars, or fancy costumes (although we look great with our underwear on the outside of our pants), we want to see the world change for the better. And we need your help. What is an idea without a vessel to launch it in? A blog is no blog at all without readers. So I thank the readers who have stuck with us thus far and to the new readers-

Welcome to the madness.

And we aren’t just in the business of deafly handing out wisdom. We want to create a community for shared wisdom – you know, like the content you may or may not already be blogging about. Like it, hate it, whatever. Join in on the discussions and tell us what you know.

We’re still working on finding our voice and focus, so bear with us. More shit coming at you soon.

Contact us at
And follow us on the Twitter thing: @shitiknow


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