Good Job, You’re A Failure

All failure is followed by success and all success by failure. Over the course of a sustainable life, we can never fail too much and succeed too little – or fail too little and succeed too much.


11 thoughts on “Good Job, You’re A Failure

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  2. This quote makes me feel good about the impending release of my results. Even if I fail it’ll be because something else is awaiting me which I will succeed in! This blog literally answers all of life’s questions!

  3. Even success is a failure to fail; as failure is a failure to sucseed. No matter what you acomplishments are there is something you have failed to do. You cant win

  4. Too funny, even I actually told a guy at work the other day… Seems he was whining instantly about not getting a task done right, about how he was such a failure to not get it right, I agreed with him and said yes you are a failure just like when you began to walk and fell all of the time, now look at yourself all grown up and running and even from time to time trying something new like stairs….. I don’t think he got it

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