To Err is Human – Even You, Feminists

After a millennium or so of patriarchy, of being treated as the secondary sex, of subjugation and inequity, women are finally kicking some major ass. And by “finally,” I don’t mean to imply that this surge of mighty estrogen is anything new. Actually, women kicking ass – or as some call it, “feminism” – has been around at least since the late 18th century.

Vindication of the Rights of Woman, woman’s suffrage movement, National Organization for Women, Roe v. Wade, equal pay… Women and women’s rights advocates have been working up a storm to make damn sure that all you men know that women are people, too, and we are just as valuable as you men.

However, such empowerment, while progressive, can backfire. Take for example those radical “feminists” labelled “Feminazis”. And I’m not talking about level-headed feminists who are called “Feminazis” by insecure little bigots. I’m referring to those who think feminism is about limiting the rights of others to promote so-called “female equality.” Feminazis are not true feminists. True feminists – ideally – fall under the category of equal rights activists. This calls for the eradication of unfair treatment socially, politically, economically, etc. This does not mean that women are better or more valuable than men. This does not mean men should be treated like shit in some grand act of poetic vengeance.

Yes, sexism does exist, but Feminazis, stop getting your non-objectifying, self-empowering knickers in a twist about every little “politically incorrect” comment about your sex. Stop inhibiting the growth of manhood to push an immature, narrow-minded agenda. And finally, no, just because you feel women deserve better (as they should) does not mean you know what is best for everyone fucking else.

Don’t get me wrong: feminism is great, but it simply errs in the other direction.


2 thoughts on “To Err is Human – Even You, Feminists

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