The Hive Switch

We need to be reminded what it is like to be a true community, a hive of sustainable beings as part of the whole ecosystem. The term “hive” likely conjures up ideas of mindless worker bees with no distinguishing characteristics or individual personalities. However – here’s the magic trick – that is what our current civilization is. To maintain the mighty hierarchy of modern society, the system churns out cog after cog to be fitted into its clanking, fossil fueled machinery.

The problem with this is that although we are all a part of the same system, we are not truly working together. To each cog their own revolution.

The hive switch is the tribe switch – except it’s not so much a switch as it is a dial. This dial turned to the max is what tribalism is. Now all we have to do is find the dial…


2 thoughts on “The Hive Switch

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