What Do You Care About?

As a child, what did you care about? You cared about being happy – not that your average child goes around with this in the forefront of his/her mind. It is innate and is rooted in subconscious tendrils. As an animal, you seek fulfillment. You want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilled. Full belly. Active mind. Tribal connection.

However, our society capitalizes on dissatisfaction and unhealth. To keep the wealthy fat, the poor must starve. The culture of gluttony force feeds us everything that we think we need, not what we actually need. New clothes, new cars, new phones, new Facebook friends – we supposedly need all of these (and more more more) to be happy.

Wake up. What are we really supposed to care about? Very few of us are happy within the confines of this culture. We’re starving. 

We need to rediscover the true sources of health. I can’t honestly claim to know what we need exactly, but I do know this: love yourself and open yourself to the love of others. Corny hippie propaganda? Perhaps. But only if you’re in denial of the oh, so human – the oh, so natural – need to connect. What do you care about?


3 thoughts on “What Do You Care About?

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